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Transient global amnesia

Other Names for this Disease
  • TGA
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Your Question

My mother has had 2 to 3 episodes of transient global amnesia (TGA) in the last 8 months. How often does a person have repeated episodes of TGA? What can we do to make them stop?

Our Answer

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How often does a person have repeated episodes of transient global amnesia (TGA)?

The chance of having a recurrence of TGA is thought to be approximately 4-5 percent, however, it could be as high as about 25 percent over a lifetime. Recurrences usually involve no long-term health problems. [1]
Last updated: 6/2/2009

What treatment is available for transient global amnesia (TGA)?

There is no specific treatment for TGA.[1] As many episodes of TGA occur after a physically or emotionally stressful event, it is often recommended to avoid certain triggers. Triggers for TGA may include physical exertion, emotional stress, sexual intercourse, or immersion in cold water.[2] In one study, multiple recurrences of TGA ceased after treatment of the individual's underlying condition.[3]
Last updated: 6/2/2009

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