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Systemic capillary leak syndrome

Other Names for this Disease
  • Capillary leak syndrome
  • Capillary leak syndrome with monoclonal gammopathy
  • Clarkson disease
  • Periodic systemic capillary leak syndrome
  • SCLS
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Systemic capillary leak syndrome is a condition in which fluid and proteins leak out of tiny blood vessels and flow into surrounding tissues, resulting in dangerously low blood pressure.[1] Attacks frequently last for several days and require emergency care.[2] Most cases of capillary leak occur randomly in previously healthy adults.[3] Treatment involves preventing attacks using medications which may decrease capillary leakage and interfere with hormones that may cause future leakage. Once an attack is underway, treatment is aimed at controlling blood pressure to maintain blood flow to vital organs and prevention of swelling due to fluid accumulation.[2] Capillary leak syndrome may lead to multiple organ failure, shock and even death. [1][2]
Last updated: 8/30/2012


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