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Double inferior vena cava


* Not a rare disease
Other Names for this Disease
  • Double IVC
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Your Question

What is double inferior vena cava, and how does it affect your health? How is it treated, and what is the prognosis?

Our Answer

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What is double inferior vena cava?

Double inferior vena cava is a vein abnormality that is present from birth (congenital). Individuals with this anomaly have two inferior vena cavas instead of one. The inferior vena cava carries oxygen-poor blood from the lower parts of the body into the heart. Double inferior vena cava does not cause any symptoms. It is usually diagnosed when an imaging test, such as CT or MRI, is performed for other medical reasons. The reported incidence of double inferior vena cava ranges from 0.2 percent to 3 percent.[1]
Last updated: 12/14/2009

What is the treatment for double inferior vena cava?

Double inferior vena cava does not have a specified treatment, as this condition does not cause any clinical symptoms. Individuals with a double inferior vena cava who need surgery for other medical reasons may be treated more cautiously or in a different manner to prevent injury to the additional inferior vena cava.[1] Treatment may also differ for people who develop a blood clot and need an inferior vena cava filter to prevent a pulmonary embolism.[2] In these cases, a person with double inferior vena cava usually requires the placement of two filters, one in each vein.[1]
Last updated: 12/14/2009

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