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Hemoglobin Zurich

Other Names for this Disease
  • Hb-Zurich
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Hemoglobin (Hb) Zurich is an inherited blood disorder. People with Hb Zurich have an abnormal form of Hb, a red blood cell (RBC) protein that binds to oxygen in the lungs. This abnormal Hb more readily binds to carbon monoxide (producing carboxyhemoglobin or COHb).[1] Normally the level of COHb is less than 1-2% in adults. People with Hb Zurich tend to have COHb levels above 3%.[2] The health effects of Hb Zurich tend to be mild compared to other inherited blood cell disorders.[3] Symptoms usually develop only when the body is stressed due to an infection or fever or when exposed to certain drugs. Symptoms develop as a result of the premature breakdown of RBC (hemolytic anemia). Click here to visit and view an illustration of hemoglobin.
Last updated: 3/20/2014


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